Cembell Industries, Inc. was started in June of 1980 to address the growing demand for ASME Code work in the area. Cembell's first physical location was 5417 Paris Road, Chalmette, LA in St. Bernard parish. We started with one shop and 8 employees.

In 1985 we expanded to add Heat Exchanger design & fabrication.

In 1990 we expanded to add a field division to repair heat exchangers & pressure vessels on-site.

During this time frame Cembell added new equipment and employees to accommodate the demand from the petrochemical industries. We also expanded the original shop by adding a second bay and building an office building.

By August of 2005 we had grown to 130 employees. On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit, and we lost everything. We quickly decided that if we were going to start over again it would have to be in a different location. The chance that we could be wiped out again was too much of a risk for our customers and for ourselves.

On September 15, 2005 we purchased the St. Pierre's fabrication shop in Montz, LA (St. Charles Parish). We had located some of our original employees, retained the employees that were working for St. Pierre's and were open for business on September 16, 2005 - just 17 days after Katrina hit.

We salvaged what equipment we could from Chalmette, and purchased new equipment to replace what couldn't be repaired. We also built a new shop at the Montz location as the existing shop was not large enough to accommodate our work. We have since added a new bay between the old Montz shop and the new one plus a reactive metals / clean bay giving us a total of 4 bays.

Currently, we have 220 employees. Our company is stronger than it was before the Hurricane. We have been quite successful in our new location, purchasing more equipment and increasing our work force to meet our customer demands.

Company Profile

Cembell is committed to providing both our clients and employees with a safe work environment.   We utilize a full-time safety inspector both in the shop and field. We are built on Safety, Quality and Teamwork...

Our knowledgeable sales staff are constantly on-site to assist our clients:

Take field measurements for accurate dimensions and fabrication
Make drawings in the field for structural, piping, and other needs
Pick-up and review drawings with clients
Help plan and implement jobs

Cembell's full-time estimators have years of experience inside the industry. With experience both hands-on in the field and in the office our staff provides accurate quotes in a timely manner on all requests

Mission Statement

At Cembell the customer comes first. From the active hands-on owners on down, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and a first class product in a safe and timely manner.

Safety Statement

Cembell is committed to providing both our clients and employees with a safe work environment. With a full time safety inspector both in the shop and field. We adhere to a strict and comprehensive safety policy.


Zero fatalities in company's history
Zero lost time accidents in the last 10 years
Zero recordable accidents last year
EMR (experience modifier rate) for 2013 is .83, 2012 is .84, in 2011 is .83
Total hours worked in 2013 where 385,167

Our Motto:   All aboard the ZERO train!

1. Team work; remember there is no "I" in TEAM
2. Training, training and more training
3. Experienced employees, at least 10 years of experience per employee
4. Communication between management and employees
5. Safety audits, by supervisors and employees
6. PPE personnel protective equipment
7. Recognizing potential hazards
8. Pre access task analysis (PTA) cards or job safety analysis (JSA) form
9. Safety incentive programs such as bonuses and awards
10. Safety committee, employees from all levels
11. Ownership commitment
12. Attitude between management and craftsman

Our core customer base includes
the following companies:

Air Products
Dow Chemical
Ford, Bacon & Davis Enginering
Jacobs Engineering
Occidental Chemical
PCS Nitrogen
Phillips 66
Shell Motiva, Chemical & Offshore
Total Petrochemicals
URS Engineering


"This vessel belongs to an air-vay packaged system. Initially, the vessel was sub-supplied to another vendor. Delivery had already been delayed to early October due to issues getting documentation. The schedule was further delayed since the company the sub-supplier was using to fabricate the transition piece could not complete successfully, and the vessel supplier was unable to manage the quality of the work, nor provide alternative ideas on how to change the outcome. After the second unsuccessful attempt at fabricating the cone, the project decided to pull the order from the sub-supplier. Working alongside the design team, Cembell created a plan to meet our tight schedule and allow for successful fabrication of the difficult transition piece and completion of the vessel. Cembell was given the order on November 15, and received the materials that had been fabricated correctly from the original sub-supplier on November 20. Cembell obtained cone and nozzle material not provided from the other vendor and immediately began fabrication. Cembell completed fabrication and shipped the vessel on December 4. In summary, Cembell was able to complete in 2 weeks what the other vendor could not successfully complete in months. Cembell used their fabrication expertise to create a plan to fabricate the cone piece in two parts, with the small end fabricated out of a forging, so they could avoid the problems previously encountered by the other vendor. The project appreciated the "can do" attitude of the Cembell team, as shown by their creative fabrication plan, willingness to work overtime, and excellence in fabrication. The project team wishes to express sincere gratitude to Cembell for their willingness to take on the project and their ability to complete the vessel incident free and in time to prevent further delay of plant start-up."

"I'm happy to pass along our gratitude to you and your team; you certainly earned it. It's amazing what you can accomplish when capable people work together and focus on accomplishing a goal, rather than letting barriers get in the way. Makes work a lot more enjoyable!"

"Cembell was able to manufacture 11 identical heat exchangers and deliver 8 of them on-time and 3 ahead of schedule. This was on an already compressed schedule due to limited time in which monies could be spent and allocated. Additionally, Cembell worked very well with the PCE and Process Engineering Leads to develop the best exchanger within space limitations of the Air Cooling stations. They responded to all communication in a timely manner and did not sacrifice quality or safety in building the exchangers. We were extremely pleased with Cembell's ability to produce the quantity and quality of work they did , especially with it being near the end of the year."

"Cembell has material supplier relationships like no one else. Other fabricators quoted 10-12 weeks for materials that Cembell could get in 1-2 weeks. I don't know how you guys do it, but keep up the good work!"
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