All jobs, large or small, are addressed with the same dedication and attention to detail. Cembell is here for any and all of your steel fabrication needs.


Design, fabricate and install all sizes and material types
40' x 10' CNC Plasma Burning Table for all plate cutting
Slip blinds, Spacers and Orifice blinds
     - All sizes, types and materials
     - Precision cutting and machining for exact dimensions and machined finish


Platforms, ladders, safety cages, handrails, crossovers, etc.
Pipe supports, shoes, point contacts, clamps, etc.


Duct Work and Sheet Metal
Screens and Filters
     - Specialized screen shop for over 20 years
     - All mesh sizes and materials
     - All types from small screens to large filter baskets and witches hats
We can also handle your pipe bending and angle, bar, and plate rolling needs

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Plate, Pipe & Metal

Cembell Industries has both the equipment and personel to bend most plate to specification and roll both steel and alloy piping as well as structural steel profiles to specified radii.

Press brake bending of plate up to 1-3/8" thick and 10 feet wide
Rolling of structural profiles (angle iron, flatbar, square bar to specification)
Rolling of pipe up to 4" in size and schedule 80
Rolling of plate up to 1-3/8" thick and 10 feet wide
Formation of radiused patches and nozzle re-pads

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Standard & Custom Plugs

Cembell machines both standard and custom tube plugs.

Made to order from any material with a quick delivery
Specify the tube OD, gauge, and material and we will fill your order

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