Our skilled and experienced staff takes pride in excelling at every detail from engineering to shop fabrication, field installation, and repair.

Full-scale mechanical, civil, and structural engineering of all vessels & towers
Seismic and Wind Loads Calculated
     - Compress
Complete and comprehensive fabrication
     - Large Capacity plate roller for can/shell sections
     - Experienced fitters and welders in all phases of construction
     - Full machine shop (see Machine Shop section)
     - Strong shop leadership assuring superior workmanship
     - An intensive quality control system from start to finish
On-site sand blasting, painting, and coating

Field Measurements

Does your site have an old piece of equipment with drawings that have seen better days? Can you even find the drawings for that reactor that was put in when the plant was first built? If you answered yes to either question then contact Cembell Industries today. We have a crew that can take field measurements to generate accurate drawings so our shop can fabricate a replacement-in-kind.

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