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We are ready to handle all of your fixed equipment needs.


At Cembell we hold the "U", "U2", and "S" stamps. We also hold the NBIC "R" Stamp.

With these stamps we are certified by ASME & NBIC to provide both new fabrication and repair of Division 1 & 2 heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, reactors, and steam boilers.

Our capabilities include fabrication of vessels up to 25 ft in diameter and heat exchangers up to 10 ft in diameter. All plate is rolled in-house up to 1-3/8" thick. Our services include the drilling and machining of tube sheets, baffles, flanges, and other miscellaneous items to support plant turnaround needs. Our round-the-clock fabrication ability coupled with strong sub-supplier relationships enables us to have the most competitive lead times in the industry.

What We Build

Heat Exchangers

All TEMA designs with a Capacity up to 10 ft in diameter

Heat Exchangers 1

Columns & Reactors

Large Capacity plate roller for can/shell sections

Columns & Reactors 2

Pressure Vessels

Capacity up to 25 ft in diameter

Pressure Vessels 3

API Tanks

Including API-12F, API-620, and API-650 Standards

API Tanks 4

Piping & Misc

Blinds, Platforms, Caged Ladders, Duct Work, Sheet Metal, Etc.

Piping & Misc 5

Heat Exchangers

Cembell has over 40 years of experience in every aspect of the design, fabrication, and repair of all types of heat exchangers.

Thermal & Mechanical Design of heat exchangers with HTRI, RCS, and CodeCalc. Complete fabrication per ASME Sec. VIII, Div 1 & Div 2.

  • Shell & Tube Exchanger fabrication
  • Rod Baffle Exchanger fabrication
  • Re-tubes with tubesheet and bundle repairs
  • Tube plugging
  • Channel head, nozzle, and shell inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Testing (Hydro, Helium, Vacuum, and Static Air)
  • All tube and tubesheet coatings; both preventative and restorative
  • On-site sand blasting, painting, and coating

Cembell specializes in tube-to-tubesheet welding. Does your application require a welding mock-up? No problem. With over 125 successful tube-to-tubesheet mock-ups, we can handle just about all your tube-to-tubesheet configurations.

Mock-ups include, but are not limited to:
       - Strength welding: Alloy 20, C276, 2205, Monel 400, Nickel 200, AL6XN, 90/10 Cu/Ni
       - Seal welding: Titanium, Zirconium, Alloy 2205

post detail image

Duplex Exchanger with 14,000 tubes being stabbed in shell

post detail image

317L Stainless Steel U-Bundle

post detail image

Rod Baffle Exchanger cage ready for installation of tubes

post detail image

90 inch ID x 50 ft long Heat Exchanger weighing 295,000 lbs

Pressure Vessels, API Tanks, Reactors, and Columns

Our skilled and experienced staff takes pride in excelling at every detail from engineering to shop fabrication, quality control, field installation, and repair.

Full-scale mechanical, civil, and structural engineering of all vessels & towers, including calculations for Seismic and Wind Loads

  • Complete and comprehensive fabrication
  • Large capacity plate roller for can/shell sections
  • Experienced fitters and welders in all phases of construction
  • Full Machine Shop
  • Strong shop leadership assuring superior workmanship
  • An intensive quality control system from start to finish
  • Project Managers for each job to serve as customer focal point throughout fabrication
  • On-site sand blasting, painting, and coating
post detail image

Offshore HP Separator 3" thick Carbon Steel Explosion bonded with 1/8" Inconel 625 cladding

post detail image

API Tanks during fabrication

post detail image

Heavy Wall Monel 400 Clad Drum

post detail image

13 ft ID x 150 ft long Tower ready for shipment

Reactive Metals Fabrication Bay

Cembell has a 15,000 SF facility for the fabrication of high alloy materials. The High Alloy Bay is climate controlled with painted floors and completely segregated from our other fabrication bays. We fabricate Titanium and Zirconium Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Piping, and Miscellaneous there. The bay contains a 6 ft deep pit to facilitate welding of heat exchanger tube-to-tubesheet joints in the flat.

Cembell has multiple orbital welding machines for reactive metal welding. We utilize these for a variety of applications, including seal welding and strength welding of tube-to-tubesheet joints. We also have GTAW manual welders with years of experience working with Titanium and Zirconium.

  • HEPA-N-Seal negative pressure safety seal for zero-leak ceiling grid
  • Temperature / humidity control enclosures
  • Positive airflow and complete segregation from all contaminants
  • Negative pressure around all the filters to ensure that no air will leak through the ceiling grid and into the critical clean room space
post detail image

Zirconium Tubesheet with 1200 tubes seal welded with orbital welding machine

post detail image

Zirconium Channel Heads

post detail image

Zirconium Exchanger prepping for PWHT of Tube End Welding

post detail image

Final Machining on a Zirconium Exchanger that has been PWHT

Piping & Miscellaneous Fabrication

  • Design, fabricate, and install all sizes & material types
  • Automatic weld overlay down to 2" piping
  • Platforms, ladders, safety cages, handrails, crossovers, etc.
  • Pipe supports, shoes, point contacts, clamps, etc.
    Blinds & Spacers
  • Slip blinds, orifice blinds
  • All sizes, types, and materials
  • Precision cutting and machining for exact dimensions and machined finish
    Screens & Filters
  • Specialized screen shop for over 20 years
  • All mesh sizes and materials
  • All types from small screens to large filter baskets and witches hats
  • Duct work and Sheet metal
  • Pipe bending and any angle, bar, and plate rolling needs
  • 40'x10' CNC Plasma Burning Table for all plate cutting
  • 6'x12' Water Jet for precision cuts
post detail image

Inconel 825 Flare Tip Steam Ring

post detail image

Overlay of Carbon Steel Blind with 347 Stainless Steel

post detail image

Ladder Cage Fabrication

post detail image

Elephant Stool Fabrication for column internals