Crews available Round-the-clock

Field Machining / Bundle Extraction

For all of your on-site Maintenance / Turnaround Needs

Field Services

Crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cembell prides itself on our experience foremen, welders, and fitters who strictly adhere to site safety requirements.

Field Machining

- Both OD and ID mounts
- Portable machines for flange facing & milling (110" - small diameter)
- Routinely machine raised face, RTJ, and tongue/groove flanges
- Machine gasket surfaces on exchanger channels, dollar plates, tube-sheets and more
- Experienced in machining gasket surfaces on nozzles, manways, and hand holes

Bundle Extraction
    Truck Mounted Extractor
  • Bundles up to 24 ft in length
  • Min. height is 2'-10" with bundle weight 52,000 lb
  • Max. height is 23 ft with bundle weight 25,000 lb
  • Can pull from either direction - left/right or right/left
  • Built-in outriggers
    Aerial Mounted Extractor
  • Bundles up to 24 ft in length
  • 78 inch diameter max
  • Maximum bundle weight of 70,000 lb
  • Handles your bundles no matter the height or difficulty
  • Equipped with remote control box
Additional Field Services

- Pipe fabrication and install
- Code repair Nozzles, patches, tube end repair
- Field re-tubing, plugging and repairs
- Helium testing and Hydro testing exchangers and vessels.
- Structural repair and installation.
- Certified CWI to PT, MT and UT also certified welders and supervisors.