Cembell provides highly qualified and trained personnel for all of your on-site maintenance and turn around needs.

Crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Experienced foremen, welders, and fitters
We manage personnel according to job size & requirements
Strict adherence to site safety requirements
Hydrotesting and helium leak testing of exchangers and vessels by certified staff
Specialized heat exchanger crew for re-tubes, testing, and repair
AWS certified inspector part of the field team
Field machining crew for flange and gasket surface repairs
Aerial & Truck mounted bundle extraction units
API Tanks, Piping, Structural and Turnaround + misc field work
Bolt Torquing: Qualified and competent personnel, working closely with our customers ensuring a total understanding of their requirements
Industrial Rotating Equipment Division routinely repairs pumps of various sizes and services that are produced by a wide variety of Manufactures

Field Machining

Portable machining solutions are deployed when the work piece is too large, complex and dialed in gasket surface after welding.

Both OD and ID mounts
Portable machines for flange facing and milling (110" - small diameter)
Cembell routinely machines raised face, RTJ and tongue & groove flanges
We machine gasket surfaces on exchanger channels, dollar plates, tube-sheets and more
We are experienced in machining gasket surfaces on nozzles, man-ways and hand holes

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Cembell Industries employs the use of both truck mounted and aerial bundle extractors.

Truck Mounted Extractor

Bundles up to 24 feet in length
Min. height is 2' 10" with bundle weight 52,000 lbs
Max height of 23 feet with bundle weight 25,000 lbs
Can pull from either direction - left/right or right/left
Built-in outriggers

Aerial Mounted Extractor

Bundles up to 24 ft. in length
78 inch diameter max
Maximum weight of 70,000 lbs
Equipped with remote control box

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